Monday, December 5, 2011

Ricky T's in Green Bay, Wisconsin - Bar Review

ByElysia Diaz

Thursday nights are softball nights for one of my best friends. He plays on an intramural league. And this past Thursday evening after a huge loss they went celebrating. Why would they go celebrating on a loss? Because they can. They go and party it up on every loss, win, and tie. What fantastic team spirit! And I had the pleasure of joining them on this wild ride of a loss. We all ventured over to Ricky T's. I thought Ricky T's was a super small bar. Wrong. I also thought Ricky T's was going to be an unclean dumpy bar. Wrong again. And lastly, I thought Ricky T's was going to be a one stop drink because we would all want to bar hop somewhere else. WRONG. Clearly I need to adjust my bar radar.

Ricky T's is located in Allouez, just a little hop, skip and a jump from Encore Food & Spirits. From the front side, which would be Riverside Drive, you might pass up this little diamond in the rough. The parking is located in the back and you get to it from pulling into the driveway that's right next to Encore leading to the water. From the backside you see the crowd of people enjoying the patio. On the patio you can drink, smoke and relax in the summertime air. The fiesta tonight was inside at the bar. As I made my way in I was greeted with a blast of cold air, loud music and loads and loads of people. The softball team was already sitting at the bar cheers-ing this and that.

Ricky T's is kind of shaped like a house. You first walk into the front entry way, then to the right is the bar area with plenty of seats at the bar and a few small tables close by. To the left are the pool table and the restrooms and then through an open doorway is another room with more tables and dart boards. That room leads to the outdoor patio. It just reminded me of a house that was totally turned into a fun bar. My house looks like a regular house; booooring. This particular establishment was pretty clean and had that nice breathe able smoke free air.

The bartender was behind the bar flipping liquor bottles like Tom Cruise in 'Cocktail' and minus a few wild sprays to people who were seated in the splash zone he was really good. I later found out that the man putting on a show was also the owner. He was full of smiles and poured a strong drink. My BF and I ordered drinks; a vodka soda for me and a gin and tonic for him. As I said earlier, my plan was to have one and bar hop but we were all having too good a time to collect ourselves and leave. After a few rounds we had to call it quits. Not because we wanted to but because it was bar closing time. The bill for my friend and me was $28. We had 3 drinks apiece and he also ate a BLT. BLT's are usually around 5 bucks so that makes the drinks (tall strong drinks) around 3 and change. Awesome.

The whole night was really fun. The atmosphere is lively, the music is loud but not that annoying loud where you can't hear anything, the drinks are stiff, the bartender/owner is pretty rad and the whole night won't break your wallet.

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