Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Big John" Workbench

We've designed and created a multipurpose,
sturdy, built to last heavy-duty workbench, perfect for the garage or wood shop.
Most of us would agree it would have to have a strong
basic workbench to begin all future projects. For
starters, a strong basic bench must be sturdy - no
wobbling allowed. And it must have a large, flat work
surface that's rugged enough to stand up to years of
hard use. Storage would be helpful too. Sound to
good to be true? All of these must have features are
built in all "Big and Little John" Workbenches.
Our design is for the home handyman who, at one
point, will enjoy creating new products, allowing for
advancement into more extensive future projects.

For the money, this is one solid workbench that will
give you years of hard-working service.

"Attempting a home project without a good, solid
workbench is like trying to create a memorable meal in
a kitchen with no counter space. But who has the time to
build a workbench?"

Finally, as good as this bench is, you can make it even
more versatile by adding several different types of bolt-on woodworking accessories like a vise, or tool organizing pegboard back, even bench dogs!

Price: $309.00

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