Friday, December 9, 2011

Sports sports nutrition

A dietary supplement or food supplements is a preparation to specify nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids) that are missing or not consumed in sufficient quantities are in diet a person.

In the course of history, people of food and materials to improve their physical strength are looking for. Greek Olympians 300 BC used mushrooms to improve performance. Dutch swimmer in 1865 used caffeine as a Ergogen. Late 1800 Belgian athletes dipped sugar lumps in the ether. Ultra endurance athlete uses a cactus based stimulant to improve the Leistung.Athleten search for supplements that will give them an added advantage in their competitions.

Sports supplements offer good stamina and increases the power to do good at sports. Healthy diet dietary supplements to build not only aid but also give body mass all nutritional demands on the body in a healthy way of life. Greater health awareness led to increased use of diet, herbs and other dietary supplements, to preserve good health.

Sports supplements (also called supplementation aid) are products to improve athletic performance, of which most over the counter without a prescription are available. They are often used as vitamins, hormones and synthetic drugs.

Common sports nutritional supplements are:

o anabolic steroids

o androstenedione and DHEA

o human growth hormone

o creatine and

o fat burners (also known as thermogenen)

Lack of exercise, unhealthy diet and lifestyle are ways sure to win illnesses. Given the need for instant gratification among consumers today health care and nutrition supplements offer also immediate solutions in the form of: snacks, bars and shakes, are compact and easy to eat. Such diet packaged snacks can compliment your regular breakfast, lunch or replace the greasy snack.

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