Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gordy's Hi-Hat Restaurant in Cloquet, MN

ByClayton Kohlhaas

is famous for its delicious burgers, served in a space reminiscent of the 50's. Folks come from miles away to enjoy their homemade burgers along with some of the best fries and onion rings available anywhere. These are not premade burgers. The are cooked after you order it, and comes off the grill hot, juicy, and piled high with whatever you'd like to top it off with. If burgers aren't your think, they also feature delicious fish sandwiches and chicken sandwiches that are every bit as good as the burgers. And for dessert, the shakes and malts are homemade from real ice cream.

Gordy's looks like an old '50's drive-in, except that there are no drive-in lanes. All ordering is done inside, and although the space is large, it's often difficult to find an open table. When the weather is nice, there are tables set up on the deck outside the building, and eating your meal in the fresh air of the outdoors is nearly impossible to beat! There is often a line out the door of folks waiting to order, and once you have ordered it pays to start watching for a table to open up. Grab it as soon as you can. You can sit and wait for your order to be ready, and then have a place to sit while you eat.

Gordy's is located on Hwy 33, about 2 miles north of Interstate 35. It's a fairly quick 1/2 hour drive from Duluth, MN, or less than 2 hours from the Minneapolis - St. Paul area. It's definitely worth the drive from either location.

Gordy's is closed during the winter months, and generally opens for the summer sometime in April or May, and closes down for the winter in September. If you come during the off-season, Gordy's Warming House, located right next door, is open year round. The Warming House offers terrific coffee and hot chocolate on a cold winter day, as well as sandwiches, ice cream, and other similar items.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Gordy's was recently featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, where the host seemed to love Gordy's! He knows that it's very hard to beat a hot, juicy, fresh, delicious burger, with all your favorite toppings, a side of onion rings, and a large shake for dessert. I recommend that you make a point of stopping at Gordy's Hi-Hat in Cloquet, MN. You won't be disappointed!

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