Sunday, December 4, 2011

German Bratwurst

ByJason Alej

Once the meat is shopped, it can be spiced with marjoram, nutmeg, celery seeds and cardamom. Then, this intermediate product is precipitated into casings and grilled or fried before being served.

Despite its particularities, bratwurst has some common points with other sausages. It needs to be refrigerated until the moment of use, carefully shopped and cooked (completely cooked), since both processes, if done wrongly, can infest the meat and cause bacteria. Before cooking the bratwurst, open little holes in the surface so that it does not explode in the pan while cooking.

Bratwurst is a kind of sausage closely related to the German nation, where it was born. It is served throughout the whole Germany in numerous regional variations, and it is also popular in some other regions of the world where there are German populations.

According to the root of the word, brat means in German

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