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The Best Breweries in Perth

ByAnthony YW Lim

Beer is ever associated with Australian life and forms part of most social events, get-togethers and is great as an accompaniment to a meal. It should therefore come as no surprise that many Australians have took up the art of making beer in breweries across Australia and none more so that in Perth located in Western Australia.

Many breweries across Perth are accompanied by their own respective restaurants in order to showcase their uniquely crafted beers with an equally unique dining experience. With this said, you may now be asking where the best places to have a locally brewed beer with a meal are in Perth, the following guide will be an introductory aid to finding the best places in Perth suited to your beer-drinking needs.

The Last Drop Pub & Brewery is a great place to start if you are looking for some classically European style brewed beer. Their brewery dates back to 1516 and there process has only got better over time whereby they originally brewed there beer using just malt, hops and water. This long standing brewery is accompanied by a great restaurant with food cooked by some of the best chefs in Western Australia. The Last Drop Pub also offers a great atmosphere with live music and a beer garden to sit out in.

If you are looking for a Brewery close to the CBD you should look no further than The Old Brewery located by Kings Park. The Brewery is also situated alongside the Swan River which makes for a great view to enjoy your beer with. This grand looking brewery is un-missable as you approach it along Mounts Bay Road. The beer is brewed in a Micro-Brewery on site and this old brewery offers an eclectic mix of beers to choose from. The Old Brewery also has a great restaurant to boost, with steak being one of their speciality dishes.

However, if you are looking for the quintessential Perth Brewery experience, Elmars at Swan Valley is the one to beat. The unique brewing process in Elmars involves using a Giant Glass Kettle which brings out the unique flavours and purity in their beers. The brewery is accompanied by a charming restaurant offering a range of dishes that will leave no one wanting. Elmars is also located in the beautiful Swan Valley which is Western Australia's oldest wine growing regions and is host to some of . The area also makes for a great place to have a day off to relax with a beer and enjoy the natural scenery.

As has been shown Perth is host to some of the best places to wine and dine in, with many offering an excellent environment and meal to enjoy your beer with. This guide has served as just a small introduction to some of the best places to visit for those of us who are looking to find a great place to have some locally brewed beer in Perth.

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